Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Library 2.1 Thing 10: Gliffy (Flow Charts) & Mindmaps (Mindmeister)

Gliffy is a fun program...floor plans are exceptionally useful for meeting setups & future building plans. Thank you to the Pasiano Italiano owner of the You 2.0 Mind map who has beautifully diagramed various ways of being informed/intuned be it by internet/phone.

Learning 2.1 Thing 9: Zamzar

"I've got to remember this when people I run into ask if this possible. Amazingly important in light of living in the techie fast lane...I think I'm Japanese and not just going!"
Zamzar allows you to transform your songs, videos, images and documents into a variety of different formats. Using Zamzar you can:
Make your PDF documents editable by converting them to MS Word
Convert your ITunes (aac) files to mp3
Upload up to 5 files at a time to convert simultaneously
Take advantage of over 150 different conversion types !

Learning 2.1 Thing 8 Music To Your Ears

Although is my first music program which I uploaded to my blog, I've been using Pandora regularly which is simple and self explanatory. My knowledge of music has grown tremendously as a result because its available to click on the song title or artist's name and get more information, Pandora also functions with AT&T so I can access my list via my phone.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Learning 2.1 Thing 7 Slide

This is trendy with helpful prepared community slideshows for sharing. Just be sure you agree with all the content before you present it to your group. And be sure not to prepare and post junk.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Learning 2.1 Thing 5 Litlovers

Very useful. I am recommending this site to a few males (college grads) who do not enjoy reading, but would like to. If people are self-motivated to start a book discussion group or network their reading adventures or take a course this is a great tool. I find reading deeply interesting and look forward to finishing Babylon Revisited. Correct blog is:

Learning 2.1 Thing 3: Twitter

Rediscovered Twitter again. This time added NPR twitter to feed. Yeah! Scroll down right side bar.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Learning 2.1 Thing 4 A: Jott

Hey, it works. Cool. I imagine it's a handy tool for writers who walk around with tidbits of sentences or who are constantly editing their work in their brain. I’m sure it's helpful in starting a to do & a remember this list. Perhaps a journalist paradise. This may fly as the library's next big thing in reminding patrons to return their materials on time, and in prompting them to check out new releases...similar to Redbox's prompts.

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